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Raychem HDC1M11 Cupro-Nickel Sheathed Series Heating Cable 11 ?/km ATEX

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Raychem HDC1M11 Cupro-Nickel Sheathed Series Heating Cable 11 ?/km ATEX
Raychem HDC1M11 Cupro-Nickel Sheathed Series Heating Cable 11 ?/km ATEX

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Product overview

Raychem HDC/HDF mineral insulated (MI) Cupro-Nickel series heating cables are suited for use in hazardous areas. They are extensively used for a wide variety of industries, such as oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, power generation, gas storage and many other industrial applications.

Cupro-Nickel heating cables with copper conductors (HDC) are available in very low resistances to allow for long line applications with a limited amount of supply points, in particular for applications exceeding the capabilities of Polymer Insulated (PI) series heating cables. The heating cables can be used for exposure temperatures up to 400°C and a typical power output up to 70 W/m.

The heating cables are offered as bulk cable as well as factory-terminated heating units to ensure optimum quality of the connections. The offering is completed with a full range of components for installation, connection and splicing of the heating cables.


Area Classification:

  • Hazardous areas, Zone 1 or 2 (Gas) and Zone 21 or Zone 22 (Dust)
  • Ordinary Areas


  • Baseefa02ATEX0046X
  • II 2GD Ex e II T6 to T1 Ex tD A21 IP6X
  • Actual T class temperature determined by design
  • Baseefa02ATEX0045U
  • II 2G Ex e II

Heating units are also approved for Dust environments. Temperature classification (T-rating) has to be established by using the principles of stabilised design or the use of a temperature limiting device. Use TraceCalc design software or contact us.

Order ReferenceNominal Resistance
[Ω/km @ 20°C]
Temp Coefficient
[x 10-3 /K]
Outer Diameter
[mm nom.]
Max Coil Length

Delivery length of bulk cable on coil depends on type of resistance and is limited by max. coil length as indicated in the table on top. Factory terminated elements are limited by a max. weight of 50kg, however to ensure practical and safe on-site handling, it is strongly recommended to limit element lengths to 25 - 30kg. Not all resistances are standard items and as such may not be in stock. Contact Pentair to confirm lead time. Pentair requires the use of a 30 mA residual current device to provide maximum safety and protection from fire.

Where design results in higher leakage current, the preferred trip level for adjustable devices is 30 mA above any inherent capacitive leakage characteristic of the heater as specified by the trace heater supplier or alternatively, the next common available trip level for non adjustable devices, with a maximum of 300 mA. All safety aspects need to be proven.
Also refer to the components section for more details on heating units, accessories and nomenclatures.

Technical specifications

Cable sheath material70/30 Cupro-Nickel
Conductor MaterialCopper (HDC) or Copper Alloy (HDF)
Earth Leakage3 mA/100m (nominal at 20°C, 230Vac, 50-60Hz)
Min Bending Radius6 x outer diameter at -60°C
Min Cable Spacing25mm for hazardous Areas
Minimum installation temperature-60 °C