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Raychem DigiTrace NGC-40-CAN48 NGC-40 CAN connection cable. 48"

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Product overview

The Raychem NGC-40 is a multipoint electronic control, monitoring and power distribution system with a unique single-point controller architecture for heat-tracing used in process temperature maintenance and freeze protection applications. By taking advantage of innovative modular packaging techniques, the Raychem NGC-40 system provides configuration and component flexibility so that it may be optimized for a customer’s specific needs. The Raychem NGC-40 uses a single controller module per heat-tracing circuit for maximum reliability. The Raychem NGC-40 control system can be powered between 100 to 240 Vac, while mechanical contactors (EMRs) or solidstate relays (SSRs) allow circuit switching up to 60 A at 600 Vac with single- or three-phase power. The Raychem NGC-40 control modules include ground-fault detection and protection and eliminate the need for external GF circuit breakers, thus reducing the overall cost of the Heat Management System. The control modules also guarantee precise single-phase and three-phase line current measurements.
Up to eight (8) Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs) can be used for each heat-tracing circuit allowing a variety of temperature control, monitoring, and alarming configurations. The NGC-40 System accommodates RTD inputs from a variety of sources. In addition to hardwiring an RTD directly into a Heat Trace Control module, RTDs can be wired to Input/Output modules (IO Module) within the panel or Remote Monitoring Modules (RMM2) in the field and assigned to heat tracing circuits through software. This means that a Raychem NGC-40 system can be optimized for the specific needs of an application or customer. Each IO module accepts up to four additional RTD inputs. Each RMM2 module installed in the field can accept up to 8 RTDs. 16 RMM2 Modules can be daisy chained together via RS-485 for a total of 128 (8x16) RTDs. Since multiple RMM2's can be networked over a single cable to the Raychem NGC- 40, the cost of RTD field wiring will be significantly reduced. The Raychem NGC-40 system supports multiple communications ports, allowing serial interfaces (RS-485 and RS-232) and network connections (Ethernet) to be used with external devices. All communications with the NGC- 40 panel are accomplished through the NGC-40-BRIDGE module which acts as the central router for the system, connecting the panel’s control modules, IO modules, Raychem Touch 1500 touch screen and Remote Monitoring.

Technical specifications