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Raychem ACS-30-EU-EMDR-10-MOD - Roof & gutter de-icing applications

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Raychem ACS-30-EU-EMDR-10-MOD - Roof & gutter de-icing applications
Raychem ACS-30-EU-EMDR-10-MOD - Roof & gutter de-icing applications
  • Module provides temperature & moisture sensing input

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Part Code: 1244-012865

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    The nVent RAYCHEM ACS-30-EU-EMDR-10-MOD Module for the ACS-30 system provides smart sensor input for roof & gutter de-icing applications.

    The module provides temperature & moisture sensing input.

    The module can be positioned near to the heated area and is connected to the PCM module via a 3-wire cable.

    The module is provided with a 4m external temperature and moisture sensor to be positioned at the heated surface.

    The sensor cold lead cable can be extended to a maximum length of 100 m (using 3 x 1.5 mm² cable.)

    The output from the ACS-30-EU-EMDR-10-MOD module enables the switching of the heating circuits within the power & control module (PCM).

    Technical specifications

    Ambient temperature0 to +35 c
    ApprovalCE Approved
    IP RatingIP55

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