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QTVR Self Regulating Heating Cable

Shop all Self Regulating Trace Heating Cable

QTVR Self Regulating Heating Cable
QTVR Self Regulating Heating Cable
QTVR Self Regulating Heating Cable
QTVR Self Regulating Heating Cable
Product CodeMax exposure temperatureModelNominal power outputPriceStockQty
Raychem 10QTVR2-CT Self Regulating Trace Heating Cable391991-000
QF #: 1507
38 at 10 °C
ex VATinc VAT
Nominal power output38 at 10 °C
Raychem 15QTVR2-CT Self Regulating Trace Heating Cable040615-000
QF #: 4121
110 °C
51 at 10 °C
ex VATinc VAT
Max exposure temperature110 °C
Nominal power output51 at 10 °C
Raychem 20QTVR2-CT Self Regulating Trace Heating Cable988967-000
QF #: 1250
110 °C
64 at 10 °C
ex VATinc VAT
Max exposure temperature110 °C
Nominal power output64 at 10 °C

The nVent RAYCHEM QTVR range of self-regulating heating cables is mainly used for
frost protection of pipes and vessels requiring a higher power output than the BTV heating cables can supply. They can also be used to maintain processes up to 110°C. These heating cables all have fluoropolymer outer jackets offering a high chemical resistance.
The products are approved for use in hazardous areas Zone 1, Zone 2 (Gas), Zone 21 and Zone 22 (Dust) and have an absolute temperature classification of T4 in accordance with European Standard EN 60079-30-1.

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