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MI Series Heating Cables HSQ

MI Series Heating Cables HSQ

Raychem HSQ mineral insulated (MI) Stainless steel series heating cables are suited for use in hazardous areas. The Stainless steel sheath offers excellent corrosive properties against a wide range of organic acids and alkalis in combination with a high temperature withstand capability. HSQ cables are typically used in bitumen plants, gas plants, oil refineries, reactors and vessels, sodium loops and a wide variety of other heat-tracing applications where temperature resistance, power output and durability are paramount. The heating cables can be used for exposure temperatures up to 700°C and a typical power output up to 150 W/m. Higher temperatures and power outputs can be achieved, contact Pentair for assistance. The heating cables are offered as bulk cables as well as factory-terminated heating units employing brazing or laser welding techniques to ensure optimum quality of the connections. The offering is completed with a full range of components for installation, connection and splicing of the heating cables.

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