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Pipe Strap for MI Cables

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Pipe Strap for MI Cables
Pipe Strap for MI Cables
Product CodeLengthPriceStockQty
Raychem PB125 Stainless Steel Pipe StrapPB125
QF #: 9801
196 mm
ex VATinc VAT
Length196 mm
Raychem PB300 Stainless Steel Pipe StrapPB300
QF #: 9802
368 mm
ex VATinc VAT
Length368 mm
Raychem PB600 Stainless Steel Pipe StrapPB600
QF #: 9803
615 mm
ex VATinc VAT
Length615 mm
Raychem PB1000 Stainless Steel Pipe StrapPB1000
QF #: 9804
965 mm
ex VATinc VAT
Length965 mm
Raychem PB1200 Stainless Steel Pipe StrapPB1200
QF #: 9805
1117 mm
ex VATinc VAT
Length1117 mm
Raychem PB2400 Stainless Steel Pipe StrapPB2400
QF #: 9806
1981 mm
ex VATinc VAT
Length1981 mm
Raychem PB3600 Stainless Steel Pipe StrapPB3600
QF #: 9807
3048 mm
ex VATinc VAT
Length3048 mm

nVent RAYCHEM PBxxx stainless steel straps range are specially designed for holding mineral insulated (MI) heating cables onto pipe. Pliers are the only tool required to pull the pipe strap tight. Buckle and strap avoids over-tensioning of heating cable and eliminates fatigue failures caused by expansion and contraction cycles in operation.