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EM-MI Constant Wattage Trace Heating Cables

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EM-MI Constant Wattage Trace Heating Cables
EM-MI Constant Wattage Trace Heating Cables
Product CodeLengthTotal Heating PowerPriceStockQty
Raychem EM-MI-PACK-26m Constant Wattage Trace Heating Cable075548-000
QF #: 1771
26 m
1270 W
ex VATinc VAT
Length26 m
Total Heating Power1270 W
Raychem EM-MI-PACK-36m Constant Wattage Trace Heating Cable772132-000
QF #: 1743
36 m
1835 W
ex VATinc VAT
Length36 m
Total Heating Power1835 W
Raychem EM-MI-PACK-48m Constant Wattage Trace Heating Cable625519-000
QF #: 1712
48 m
2450 W
ex VATinc VAT
Length48 m
Total Heating Power2450 W
Raychem EM-MI-PACK-60m Constant Wattage Trace Heating Cable375228-000
QF #: 1772
60 m
2800 W
ex VATinc VAT
Length60 m
Total Heating Power2800 W
Raychem EM-MI-PACK-70m Constant Wattage Trace Heating Cable686868-000
QF #: 2163
70 m
3435 W
ex VATinc VAT
Length70 m
Total Heating Power3435 W
Raychem EM-MI-PACK-88m Constant Wattage Trace Heating Cable268364-000
QF #: 1711
88 m
4290 W
ex VATinc VAT
Length88 m
Total Heating Power4290 W

Pre-terminated mineral insulated constant power heating cable with exceptional resistance to high temperature asphalt surfaces.

Product overview

EM2-MI is a constant output heating cable for simple, fast, and effective ramp and accessway heating to prevent snow and ice formation.

The pre-terminated EM2-MI cable comes complete with 3m cold leads at each end of the heater, removing the need for on-site termination activities. Simply install the heater over the required area and connect the cold leads to the junction box and “Smart” control unit.

The EM2-MI heating cable is designed for installation in high temperature applications. The product can be installed directly under hot-poured asphalt followed by mechanical high pressure roller.

Design Phase

  • Simple design.
  • Variable power output dependent upon cable spacing (up to 300W/m²)
  • Variety of sizes available to meet project requirements.

Installation Phase

  • Pre-terminated heating mat requires no onsite cold lead or end seal connections.
  • Heating cable can be fixed to an existing reinforcement bar or with fixing strips from Pentair Thermal Management.
  • Extremely robust and resistant to installation damage.

The Applications

  • Excellent for irregular shaped areas.
  • Vehicle access ways and loading bays.
  • Applications under hot-poured asphalt.
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