Fire Escape Snow Melting

Specification Guideline

All exposed metal stairways/walkways shall be fitted with an energy efficient, self-regulating, stairway heating system, using Raychem FS-C-2X, as manufactured by Pentair Thermal Controls, to prevent impeded exit in winter.

The metal stairways shall consist of solid tread. The self-regulating heating cable shall be installed to a maximum circuit length of 90 metres, strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and preferably by a specialist installer named by them, using two runs of heating cable per stair tread affixed using aluminium tape at 150 mm spacing to the underside of each stair tread insulated (K factor 0.03 to 0.04 K/mK at 10°C) and sealed to prevent water ingress. The commissioning report must be registered to gain benefit from the 5 year product warranty.

The stairway heating circuits shall be switched via a contactor and be protected with an MCB (BS EN 60898 type C or D or equivalent) and RCD (30 mA sensitivity, tripping within 100 ms). Isolators shall be provided for each circuit.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use heat trace on plastic pipes?

Yes, when using trace heating on plastic pipes ensure that ATE- 180 aluminium tape is used to help disperse the heat around the pipe.

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Can you design a full surface heating system for me?

Yes, utilising our in-house design facilities, we can design your complete trace heating requirement.

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Do I need to use thermal insulation?

Yes, thermal insulation is required on all heat trace applications. Without insulation, surface heat losses can increase approximately 4-5 times.

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Does my trace heating system require maintenance?

Generally, no maintenance of our trace heating systems is required but it is recommended that the system is checked for operational and electrical integrity periodically or prior to the winter or p...

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How do I test my trace heating system is working properly?

System checks depend on the system installed, constant wattage systems can be fully checked for insulation resistance and continuity. Self regulating systems can only be checked for insulation resi...

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What is heat tape for water pipes?

When water pipes are exposed to cold temperatures either outdoors, underground or in small spaces, you can protect them from freezing by wrapping them with heat tape. Heating tape is actually a cor...

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What is Heat Trace?

This is used for a pipe freeze protection application. Electric heat tracing, heat tape or surface heating, is a system used to maintain or raise the temperature of pipes and vessels. Trace heat...

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