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Home 24m Pre-made Constant Wattage Cable (17W/m) Frost Protection Trace Heating Kit with Thermostat

24m Pre-made Constant Wattage Cable (17W/m) Frost Protection Trace Heating Kit with Thermostat

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Safeguard your home or business against burst water pipes and potential flooding. The IceGuard CEPG Pipe Freeze Protection System from EasyHeat installs in minutes to keep your pipes flowing freely for years to come, even in temperatures down to –40°C. CEPG cables provide constant heat protection in pre-determined lengths from 1 to 49 meters.


  • High-quality EasyHeat heating cable preassembled to a thermostat and standard power plug
  • Installs quickly and easily out of the box – nothing else to buy
  • Energy-saving thermostat powers the heating cable only when needed
  • Operation is silent, efficient and completely automatic
  • Durable construction and reliable quality backed by EasyHeat’s limited warranty
  • Applications
  • Prevent freezing and potential bursting of metal and plastic water supply pipes.
  • Ensure reliable supply of running water in temperatures as low as –40°C.
  • Save energy by eliminating the need for unnecessary space heating while away from home.
  • Protect cabins, part-time offices and other intermittently occupied buildings against damaged pipes and flooding.
  • Suitable for do-it-yourself installation in residential.
Technical Specifications
Cable Sheath Material XLPE
Cold lead length 2 m
Heating Cable Thickness Oval 6x8 mm
Ingress Protection Rating IPx7
Max. Temperature 66°C
Maximum Pipe Diameter 38 mm
Power supply 230 VAC
Installation Instructions

File Size: 668.19 KB

Description Quantity
Trace Heating Warning Label (English) (price per label)
Quick Find: 485, Part Number: 938947-000
13 Amp Fused White Plug Top
Quick Find: 6299, Part Number: 13A-WH-PLUG
Cable Tie (Single)
Quick Find: 483, Part Number: CABTIE
24m Pre-made Constant Wattage Cable (17W/m) Frost Protection Trace Heating Cable
Quick Find: 13214, Part Number: CEPG-24

Frequently Asked Questions

We make every effort in answering your questions. Below is a list of those questions we are frequently asked. Click on a question to expand its answer.

What is self regulating heating tape?

Self limiting / self regulating heating tape adjusts heat output to equal the heat loss from the pipe work. As pipe temperature falls the electrical conductivity of the semi-conductive core increas...

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Can you design a full surface heating system for me?

Yes, utilising our in-house design facilities, we can design your complete trace heating requirement.

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Can I use heat trace on plastic pipes?

Yes, when using trace heating on plastic pipes ensure that ATE- 180 aluminium tape is used to help disperse the heat around the pipe.

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Do I need to use thermal insulation?

Yes, thermal insulation is required on all heat trace applications. Without insulation, surface heat losses can increase approximately 4-5 times.

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Do I have to spiral the trace heating onto the pipe?

Most applications can simply be straight traced, reducing costs of materials and installation time without compromising on operational requirements.

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How do I terminate the heating cable?

Full termination instructions are provided with all our heating tapes

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Do I have to allow extra heat for pumps and valves?

If the surface area of the pump is substantially greater than that of the adjoining pipework then extra heating cable may need to be considered (depending on wattage of cable installed). Pumps and ...

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Does my trace heating system require maintenance?

Generally, no maintenance of our trace heating systems is required but it is recommended that the system is checked for operational and electrical integrity periodically or prior to the winter or p...

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How do I test my trace heating system is working properly?

System checks depend on the system installed, constant wattage systems can be fully checked for insulation resistance and continuity. Self regulating systems can only be checked for insulation resi...

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What is Heat Trace?

This is used for a pipe freeze protection application. Electric heat tracing, heat tape or surface heating, is a system used to maintain or raise the temperature of pipes and vessels. Trace heat...

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What is heat tape for water pipes?

When water pipes are exposed to cold temperatures either outdoors, underground or in small spaces, you can protect them from freezing by wrapping them with heat tape. Heating tape is actually a cor...

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